A new version of Hydroweb is available since early November. This version increases significantly the number of operationally monitored virtual stations over rivers from 1733 to 11336.

A selection in the online interface based on the station validation flag has been added. This flag indicates how the water surface height time series were validated : automatic statistical criteria « AUTOMATIC », validation by experts « EXPERT », or comparisons with in situ data « INSITU ».

Lake Tana

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Water level (m)
Surface (km2)
Volume variation (km3)

Coordinates (longitude, latitude)37.3, 12.03 (lon, lat)
Drainage basinNile
Start date of available measures1992-09-27T02:35:00Z
End date of available measures2024-02-24T04:46:00Z
Reprocessing typeOperational
In situ data are available on the HYDROLARE database www.hydrolare.net